Punks Is Nerds

by Gnar World Order

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"Music to make love to your senpai. Aggressive, yet fiercely passionate, colorful, and full of energy. " -Steve A. Rulz


released May 26, 2014

WWE, WCW, GameFreak and Nintendo, Crying Wrestling Fan, Chuck Jones, Uncle Phil, The Shredder, Oroku Saki, Booker T, Ryu & Ken, Brock & Misty, Geodude, Kamina-bro



all rights reserved


Gnar World Order Galveston, Texas

We're from Galveston, Texas. Here to shred and bust some heads.

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Track Name: Track 01
I don't care what you say
About the the things I do
I don't need your approval
For what I do with my time
Say what you will
Because I'm just drawing heat
Say what you will
Because I'm not listening

It's still real to me
Track Name: You Bum Me Out, Man
Call yourself a friend
Said it wouldn’t happen again
Oh but here we go
Same story we all know
Gave you a second shot
And I’m the one that lost
And then I take the shit
I’m the one who took the hit

And now I’m so fucking sick
And fed up with the shit
You put us through
What happened to me and you?
Now there’s nothing left to say
I just want to get away
Get away from you
And everything you do

Hope you know that I ain’t mad
I just think it’s fucking sad
Everytime you come around
Make me out to be a clown
Fucked me once shame on you
But I ain’t nobody’s fool
Its just a fucking shame
Thnings had to go this way
Track Name: My Bullshit
My passion My pride
My heart My drive
My problems and how I cope
My dreams and my hopes

It’s mine all mine

What I goes on in my mind
What I see throught my eyes
How I view things all fucked up
How I get stuck in a rut

What I do
What I say
My prerogative
My way of going about with my life
What I believe
What to me seems right
My scene
My town
My friends and our sound
How the things we
We do for us
It shouldn’t matter to you so why give a fuck?

My life and how I have my fun
Whether I live life on the run
If I win or If I lose
At least I played by my rules
Track Name: A Challenger Appears
Stand up when a challenge arises
Beckoning you come and test your might
Stand tall and don’t back down
When the bastard come looking for a fight
Take one. Take them all
Forget whether you rise or you fall
Clench your fist and don’t hold back

When the bastards come around and a chanllenge appears
Stand your ground.
Face your fears
When the bastards come around and you are under attack
Stan your ground
Stand up! Fight back!

Don’t take shit from anyone
Don’t let them bring you down
And if they don’t back off you put the fuckers on the ground
Face off! Timefor war
It’s time to settle the score
Clench your fist and don’t hold back
Track Name: Confuse Ray
War in my head and I’m fighting for peace of mind
But it’s an uphill battle as my fears seem to come alive
Insecurities I can’t seem to overcome
Intensified by fear and the fact my mind is numb
It’s like there’s nothing I can do to find an escape
And as hard as i try I’m just digging my grave
Deeper and deeper I’m going down the hole
I’m losing control!

Confuse Ray
Hitting my brain
Confusion Ray
Driving me insane.

Sometimes it feels like I've got my head in a trap
And I don't know what to do
Brain fried incapable of processing thought
I'm unable to move
It's as if my mind had a meltdown
Can't see the order of things
I've lost all rationality
I've lost my grip on reality